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Beach clean-ups

Our aim

Who doesn't like a good walk on the beach or along a promenade? And then top that with meeting like-minded people and saving some marine species at the same time! 

The beaches around Cape Town are filthy, and need as much help as possible in order to get them back to their pristine condition they once were in, before we took advantage of them. It is our responsibility to clean-up the mess we made. 

We also like to incorporate blanket drives into our clean-ups, where people can bring an old or new blanket and Suck It Straws will double the amount brought and donate them to those less fortunate. 

Come join us at our next clean-up to do your part. There will be music, good company and you afterwards you will go home feeling good! 



20 Riverside Road, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa



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