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Welcome to Suck It Straws! We believe there will not be a movement away from plastic straws /cups and towards glass straws and bamboo cups unless they are reasonably affordable, and that is exactly what our product is! 

Plastics are slowly destroying our environment in many ways. They are one of the top ten items found on beach clean-ups, they are not biodegradable, instead they break down into tiny micro-plastics which end up all over the ocean, meaning that the fish we eat have most probably consumed a few micro-plastics, putting both the fish and ourselves at risk! Straws also cannot be recycled due to their size and composition, meaning they will be on this planet for a very long time. 

We understand that it's hard to change old habits, but we all need to do our part in protecting this beautiful planet we live on, so try remember the impact your straw/disposable cup makes when you're off for a milkshake, coffee, cocktail, smoothie, to the cinema, to a market or to the beach for a picnic.

These glass straws are really simple to clean. They come with a specialized cleaning brush to ensure your ultimate hygiene standards are met. Or you can just pop them in the dishwasher when you're doing a load. 

They come with snazzy pouches to keep your straw protected and clean. Plus they just look super cool. 

Our glass straws are trendy, durable, dishwasher friendly, and safe to use. 

Our bamboo travel mugs come with a twist on bamboo lid so no more drinking out of silicone lids (yuk!) and no more spilling.

Worried about leaving your glass straw or bamboo cup behind? Why not keep them in your car, because let's be honest, not many of us walk to places these days. Hang it from your rear-view mirror or leave it in the cup holder, that way you're far less likely to forget it. 

Or just keep it in your bag. Then you'll always have your trusty Suck It Straw or Suck It Sipper by your side. 

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Suck It Straws

What We Offer


Our Story

Suck It Straws

It all started on a beach in Bali, where Toni and I were having another one of our intense discussions on how we're destroying the planet. We then continued to talk about ways in which two average Joes like ourselves could try and make a difference.

After much research we decided that plastic straws were a great place to start, given their harmful environmental impact. 

Cape Town is a fantastic city with humans that love to get involved in change and that's why we're starting here. It's a vibey city surrounded by 2 oceans and so even more reason for us to get involved in the glass straw movement here before spreading the love across the country! 


Some of our clients:

Tsogo Sun
Wealth Planners
Dimension Data
University Of Cape Town
Selected SPARS
Royal Zambezi Lodge
Jabulani Lodge
HillsNek Safari

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Get invoved...

If you would like to join us for walks along the beaches and promenades, whilst picking up all the litter along the way, like our Facebook Page 'Suck It Straws' to find out when the next clean-up is happening near you. 

It involves like-minded people getting to know each other while doing their part to save the planet. It's a good way to meet people and just get out for a few hours. Lets clean our cities one beach clean-up at a time! 

Suck It Shirts


By purchasing one of these casual long or  short sleeve t-shirts for R230, you help feed a hungry community in Cape Town.       
All profits go towards a great organization, Ladles of Love, where they serve hungry homeless people in and around CT. Message or email us to place your order and choose your size.



you know you want one...


...and it's for a great cause!

Questions about the products we offer? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.


More About Suck It Straws

The wonderful Sarah Usenga

Meet Sarah, the lady behind all the hand made characteristic pouches. Sarah doesn't just make our pouches for us, but she also makes other great products such as table cloths, oven gloves and place-mats. She can pretty much make anything, so if you have any requests, please don't hesitate to ask us for her contact details. She has super reasonable prices and it takes her no time!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Getting creative with the straws we pick up off the streets.

Getting Involved

Suck It Straws is associated with many various companies who either sell the straws or use them in their restaurants. Below is a list of places that are currently using them:

Western Cape:

Le Fournil de Plett

La Vista Lodge (Plett)

Vegan Kitchen (Kynsna)

Wild Sprout (CT)

The Aviary Cafe (Woodstock, CT)

Salisbury Deli (Woodstock, CT)

Salisbury Eatery (Salt River, CT)

Roxy All Day (Woodstock, CT)

Mill and Press (Woodstock, CT)

Continuum Coffee (Woodstock, CT)

Ground Zero (Marley Coffee) (Obs, CT)

Saint James (Obs, CT)​

Dolce Bakery (Obs, CT)

Oribi Village (CT)


Somerset Hospital Coffee Kiosk (CT)

The Gear Change (Mowbray, CT)

IKofu Cafe (Khayelitsha)

BlueMing (Elgin Market)

Rooi Bar (CT)

Craft Art and Gallery (Simonstown)

Hemelhuijs (CT)

Tamaties Stellenbosch

My Brew Stellenbosch

Blue Butterfly Coffee (S.West)

Bean A While (S.West) 

Eastern Cape:

The Bakery (Kenton)

Badaford Farm Stall (EC)

Nanaga Farm Stall (EC)

Kouga Print- St Francis

DSG tuckshop- Grahamstown

Kwa-Zulu Natal:

Cafe Vend (KZN)

Visit Coffee Shop Blues' website for more info on the best coffee spots in Cape Town and around the country! 


They have taken the time to visit many coffee shops and write a review on each one, to make it easier for coffee addicts like ourselves, to find our ideal coffee shop!


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Suck It Straws is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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